Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Blogs - A Plague of Frogs

Blogs have been very topical recently, with quite a few boaters starting them.

I don't know whether its something to do with the disappointing weather or whether its the latest internet phenomenon, as Facebook and Twitter have been.

Some people do it as a form of therapy, some do it to be entertaining and lets be honest, some do it to make money from the Google adverts, which then offsets their boating costs.

I have always made a point of openly listing other boaters blogs on my blogroll, over there to the bottom left of this, but I refuse to promote those that have the dreaded Google ads.

I was approached by one well known blogger, asking why I had neglected to include theirs, when there were so many others included. I had to respectfully point out and explain my dislike of Google ads, which was taken well, as it happens.

Have you ever noticed how the G.adverts adapt to the subject being discussed ??

If you write about solar power, adverts will appear, advertising solar panels, etc - spooky.

I've just found a new blog in the ether, in the shape of NB Gemma Joy.

For some reason, John, her owner, has elected to do it in the form of a website.

The only problem with this is that the automated feeds and readers which can be used to alert you to a new post on the blog, don't recognise the format.

In many respects, thats why its better to use Google Blogspot or Wordpress.

I've added Gemma Joy to my blogroll, but it just sits lifeless and unloved at the bottom, together with Wiccan Warrior.

Food for thought if you are considering starting one !!!


  1. Can you add nb Epiphany to your list? We don't use Blogger, but we do blog - practically every day. Willawaw been on our list for some time.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. I've been blogging for years. For me it has a volcano effect. You know, a constant release of pent up gasses and the odd erruption. Keeps me sane and I guess acts like therapy. Better out than in as the saying goes :)

  3. Couldn't agree more with you on the ads, I must check my links to see if I'm linking to any ad infested sites! I see Gemma Joy is written on "Sqaurespace". I used that when i started out with Starcross' blog and only stopped when they stopped supporting the browser I use. I think Andrew Denny managed to find a way to get a feed for updates but I've moved across to Blogger now anyway.
    I keep enjoying your posts!

  4. Epiphany, I've added your blog to my roll.


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