Sunday, 14 February 2010

To Blog is Human ?

As I sat in my bath making extravagant use of gallons of hot water, my bathtub thought of the day (see my blog post of 18th December), turned to the subject of blogs or more precisely, why do we blog ??

As Willawaw chases the setting of the sun at the average pace of a walking ladybird, I considered at some length, the essence of why I do it.

Why do I and my fellow blogonauts feel the need to emit spurious and incandescent pools of words into the ether at regular intervals.

I suspect that each gets their own special "glow" from the deed.

Those that do it on a consistent basis surely do it for their own gratification.

Man is far too selfish to continue with this time consuming activity, for the needs of others.

For me, it is the literary equivalent of releasing a wild bird from a small cage within me.

Each time I blog, I get a feeling of release and freedom.

I'm driven with a basic urge as strong and possibly misguided as the actions of Capt.Nemo and the good ship Nautilus.

Man is such a small flicker in the gloom which is time.

As I listened to Chopin's Waltz No.7 flowing out of the Bluetooth speaker and the strains danced around the cabin, it occurred to me how special it must feel, to compose pieces of music that, although the equivalent of an 19th century number 1, are still being enjoyed two centuries later.

How would Chopin feel if he knew this ? 

Surely, its the ultimate accolade to any person.

Will Westlife or Take That still be admired by masses in the 23rd century ? I wonder ?

Blogging is nothing more than a verbose flicker of the candle.

Haiku-like, the cage is opened, the bird flies,  and the speck that the bird becomes, is lost in the open sky. 

My heart is lightened by that bird and its newly found freedom.

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  1. Perhaps we do it because we are guaranteed publication and a readership however small! Someone somewhere occasionally responds to our writings - and this is much more satisfying than the equivalent message in a bottle. More eco friendly too.


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