Sunday, 10 October 2010

Black is the new - eh - Black

Well as I said last time, I have discovered something of a new world.
Being able to play on a concertina, has gained me an entrance pass into the new world of folk music and singarounds.
What started off as banging out sea shanties to let off steam and gain relaxful enlightenment, on the mooring, has mutated into driving around the countryside with a little wooden instrument box that reminds me of the priest on the exorcist.
The thought of little old me walking along a foggy, wet street with a little box, my heels clicking on the slick, shiny cobbles as I stride; knocking on strange doors, to exorcise good music from within, makes me giggle.
Singarounds are groups of like-minded people who meet regularly to practise and keep alive, the tradition of folk music.
Usually accompanied by pints of real ale, the turn goes around the room and each person gets the chance to play something, sing something or read a poem. Some shamefully talented people write their own songs so get a hat trick.
One thing I discovered is that a mediocre rendition of "New York Gals" gains you the opportunity to hear 15 other talented people play a myriad of instruments and sing brave new songs.
Beer and almost free music - can't be bad.
I just need to achieve my half century ambition of being good enough to play for free beer, now..


  1. This sounds great, I play music all of the time (not very well) but rarely come across pubs doing what you describe. I must be looking in the wrong places, do you play from memory at these events or use your music. BTW you might be interested in this site - he is an old school mate of Frances's and started to make concertinas when he took early retirement.

  2. No, I play from music because I play so many tunes, I can never remember them all from heart.

    Thanks for the link. There are also two or three makers in the UK who build to this standard (if you have £2000-3000 handy).


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