Friday, 25 February 2011

What A Ke-racker !!

Fed up with the UK weather, I took a job for a few days in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
In the port lies the replica of the 16th century carrack, the "Karaka".
Built about 6 years ago from GRP at Murter Shipyard in Croatia, she is 30m long and powered by twin Caterpillar diesels.
Costing around 5 million Euros to build, "Karaka" now takes corporate guests for short cruises down the stunning coastline in air conditioned, opulent luxury.
She was used for a Mastervolt dealer conference in Croatia.
It now looks like she will be chartered to Abu Dhabi for 2 years.

Sveti Vlaho (also known as Saint Blaize) is the patron saint of Dubrovnik.

During the war in 1991, the Croatians requisitioned a tour boat from the marina and fitted her with armour plate and machine guns. She was used to run the blockade that immobilised Dubrovnik, carrying guns and supplies before being taken out of action by a Soviet made anti-tank missile.

Now she is a museum piece and makes a good landmark by the side of the harbour.

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