Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Whipping Wapping

Spending a few days in the old slum areas of Wapping and Tobacco Dock for the Queens Diamond Jubilee Pageant were somewhat of an eye-opener.
First the narrowboats in the Pageant, as I'm sure you're keen to see them, as the BBC coverage was so bad.

Click to enlarge - From the far side: Fulbourne (name obscured by steam), Tarporley, President, Beatty and Gort

 Click to enlarge - Hazell Nut (grey), Orlando (blue) and Pirate Prince (red)..

Click to enlarge - From the far side: Barely Awake, Lord Toulouse, Diamond, Ernest..

Click to enlarge - From the left: Lord Toulouse (green/cream), Barely Awake (red), The Floating Salon (black), Quercus (red), Ketura (with Union Jack umbrella), Bream (far side), Shropshire Lad, Swingbridge 2 (green) and Frances Anne (bow only)


  1. Thank you, coverage was pitiful on BBC wasn't it?

  2. Thanks for sharing these great pics. Coverage on the BBC was indeed pitiful!


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