Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Making An Exhibition of Myself

Do you ever wonder about exhibitions ??

Trade shows, fairs, call them whatever you will.
In essence, I mean a show where a range of related products are shown and promoted to the masses.

Probably, one of the best known examples in the UK is the Motor Show at the NEC or the London Boat Show.

However, there are lots of other shows in the UK.

Basically, any product that people need to buy, will appear at some form of exhibition or show.

I went to a marine industry show in a very large exhibition complex a few years ago and literally fell through the wrong door, ending up in an education exhibition.

I'd never seen so many white boards and undersized furniture in primary colours, in my life, I can tell you.

Even killing needs to be exhibited, or to be more precise, instruments for the purpose of.

Today, I ended up at a very large show which displayed examples.

Probably the most interesting stand (or booth as our American cousins call it), was the Taser stand. The occupants were very excited as they now have a product which looks like a large shotgun cartridge. It can be fired out of a shotgun at a "bad" person and it will attach itself to the clothing of the perpetrator (you can see I'm getting into this). Two little prongs will then make contact with the skin of same and discharge 50,000 volts across the pins, which will turn him or her into a human statue, so that the good guys can subdue the bad person.
Yes sirree, the wireless Taser is going to be a blessing for law enforcement agencies.


The photograph on the right shows what the best dressed Italian soldier of the future will be wearing.

Netbooks are even becoming popular in the military.

Below is the truck that can take anything you throw at it.

Shortly after this photograph was taken, a colleague tapped their knuckles on the steel plated radiator grille of another similarly constructed German military truck (not Benz this time), only to be rebuked by a very attractive German sales girl, who told him to desist as he might "break it".

I assume she was referring to his hand rather than the truck.

For the despot who has everything, this Bulgarian stand offered a very varied range in machine guns, mortars and ammunition. The other stand, just out of camera shot, but from the same geographic locale, offered a good line in mines, including one product labelled a anti-helicopter mine. Not quite sure how that one works ??

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