Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Paper, Scissors, Stone

Defence is a funny old business. It reminds me of the childrens game, "Paper, Scissors, Stone".
You know the one !! It's the game where each player decides to be armed with one of the three and presents their choice of weapon at the same time as their opponent.

Paper covers stone = Paper Wins
Stone blunts scissors = Stone Wins
Scissors cuts paper = Scissors Wins

It's the same in grown-up warfare, albeit with slightly more serious repercussions.

Somebody develops a tank to kill soft skinned vehicles and infantry, so in retaliation, somebody else invents an anti-tank weapon.
Somebody else then develops electronic counter-measures and chaff, etc to confuse the anti-tank weapon and so it goes on.

For every solution, there is an antidote.

Man is never at his most creative, as when he is devising methods to destroy other men.

Tanks run on some pretty rough fuel.
You can't always expect to get the latest fad, low-sulphur diesel, with go faster additives, in the battlefield.
For this reason, it surprised me to see Webasto, famous in our boaty world for their diesel boat heaters, selling their heaters for tanks.

After a lot of debate about boat heaters running on red diesel in the past, it seems to me that if a Webasto heater can run on tank fuel, then it should be a doddle running on a boat !!
Unless the drab green paint makes a noticeable difference !!

The thing I like about Turkey is that its not a nanny-state like the UK.

You don't get an endless amount of warnings telling you to wrap up warm with notices on the packing of soup telling you to be careful, because the soup could be hot and might burn your lips.
It's really getting over the top in the UK these days. I wouldn't mind so much, if they really cared.

I'm sure it's more to do with fears that they might get sued if the average British consumer is stupid enough to put hot soup straight into their mouth, burning their throat out.

The other day, I saw a family of four going out on a motor scooter. Dad was driving, junior stood on the footplate between his fathers' legs, mum rode pillion and their baby girl was in mums arms.

This family are obviously off out, as well.

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