Sunday, 26 April 2009


There is a little bit of a negative image surrounding Twitter amongst many middle aged people (i.e. boaters). They seem to feel that it is the latest fad for bored teenagers to tell each other what they are having for breakfast, using highly abbreviated textual gibberish.

In reality, it can be a very quick way of boaters keeping in touch with other boaters and publicising stoppages, events, problems, movements, etc. This "contact" can often be between mobiles as the messages are headlines, so it makes it unneccesary to wait until you can tie up and get on a laptop or PDA.

I've often wondered if it could be used more widely by trading boats. Twitter would allow them to publish their prices for diesel, gas, etc.

If all the trading boats did this, wouldn't it make life much easier for those of us who like to use them ??

You could even receive their position reports on your mobile by SMS... 

I see that N.B Hadar, a real trading boat, is a Twitter member and already doing this (@haedi)..

Well done, Hadar. 

Another application could be to track brokerages to find out what boats they have for sale or even to find out if the red boards are up at Thames locks ???


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