Sunday, 21 June 2009

I See No Ships; Only Hardships

The Admiral Nelson public house at Braunston is open again.

It would seem that the pub is now run by the same people that run the Braunston Manor Hotel and the Plough pub.

We went for a morning walk up the locks and I fancied a coffee in there, but unfortunately, it didn't open until midday, so they missed our trade.  

This is more than can be said for the "Navigation" at bridge 14 on the Coventry Canal.

This pub was well known on the cut, but is now very visibly closed.

The flowers in their now wild and overgrown garden are truly beautiful.



It seems that a combination of rising pub prices and no smoking rules are forcing many drinking institutions into liquidation.

Certainly, sales of liquor at the Mugmarkets are on the increase, so it would seem that drinkers are preferring to stay home and have friends round.

On our little pre-noon perambulation through Braunston, we passed the boatyard and saw the working pair "Argus" and "Bletchley".

Like the pubs, these coal boats also rely on custom from canal users.

There is a lot to be said for spending your English Pounds on and around the canals, if only to keep the canals from becoming plastic museum pieces.  


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