Wednesday, 17 June 2009

There's Always Something To See...

One of the things that I like about our canals and rivers, is that there is always something to see.

If you just chug along, something always pops up round the next bend.

This very intriguing cak-mobile at Ashby Boats at Stoke Golding Wharf can make your usual routine monthly pumpout, something worthy of note.

Unfortunately, we never got to see the vehicle moved. It would be worth additional "fun" points just to see a large boatyard worker climb into the tiny cab and drive it round the yard.

Round another bend, we passed this rather fine working boat.

The owner (well I presumed he was) was vacuuming the roof - now that's boat care for you.

Don't often see a boatowner hoovering the outside, do you ?

Cassiopeia, No 23, defined as a small Woolwich motor, was built in 1935 by Harland & Wolff at their yard in Woolwich.

She was operated by the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company and was originally intended to be paired with the butty, Crux. 

So, now you know.

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