Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Not Such a Bright Idea !

We have very power hungry halogen lamps on our boat because we like the powerful, warm, cosy light that they put out.

I have resisted replacing them with LED's, because I believe that LED technology has a long way to go and the light output from most is pretty unimpressive.

Back in March, I saw and was sorely tempted by these:


They have the same MR16 fitting as our Halogens and would be a straight swop.

They will also resist battery voltage fluctuations up to 18V, expel a warm light tone and each light fitting will only draw about 0.250A from the batteries.

The only drawback and the main reason I didn't pursue it, was the price - £12 each. 

However, the owner of NB Duck N Dive was taken because I mentioned that they would last longer and use a lot less power !!!

He bought a unit to test, which cost him £14.57 by the time Packing, Postage and VAT were added.
He plugged it in at home and was impressed by the nice warm light.
However, it only lasted 9 weeks and the costing worked out at £1.62 per week - whoops !!!

He is e-mailing the supplier, Ultraleds, for an explanation.

I note from the boatowners comment that he was using them at home, so supposedly from the mains supply, via a transformer.

There is a comment on the suppliers website which says "Please note LED Bulbs have problems with some Electronic Transformers which include not switching on Flickering and Damaging the Bulb".

If it's not due to that, then the site also says that the LED fittings are covered by a one year warranty.


  1. We bought lights from ultraleds in March and they are fantastic, the service was quick and efficient and are much better than the halogens we replaced. The cold ones were a tad too cold and bright, so we opted for the warm ones.
    We wrote a blog on them back in March: http://nbkestrel.blogspot.com/2009/03/light-fantastic.html
    Good luck with them.

  2. Thanks for the comment. We are drydocking soon and may put them on the "To Do" list while we are out of the water.


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