Sunday, 14 June 2009

Trinity Marina - See No Boats; Hear No Boats; Hit No Boats

Passing Trinity Marina on the Ashby at Hinkley, (the marina is a grey and dour place, as well as wanting £5 a night for online moorings), we were struck by how many boaters just leave the marina basin without looking. Well, yes, we were nearly struck, quite literally.

We had a narrowboat pull out on us.

We could see him and he could see us. Well he would if he had been looking up.
He pulled straight out of the marina into the canal without slowing or sounding his horn.

There was no real problem in that I was going slow and was able to go astern and hold my position.

He suddenly realised that I was there and put on power to swing round in front of me.

I never even got a sorry. Just a sh*t eating grin as if to say, I'm more important than you, so you should have waited.

What is it with some people ?

Reminds me of the old joke about a young man in a Porsche Carrera sports car.

An older man in a battered old Ford was trying, slowly, to back into a space between two parked cars.

Suddenly, the Porsche driver zipped into the space, leaving the older man gaping, dumbfounded.

Seeing that the old man was staring in disbelief, the young man said "Porsche, 4 litre engine, 155 mph, limited edition".

The older man just reversed into the Porsche and barged it out of the way.

Seeing the look of horror on the Porsche drivers face, he said "Company car and I've just been made redundant, so I don't give a hoot" (or words to that effect). 


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