Saturday, 11 July 2009

Bobby Dazzler

The Hertfordshire Constabulary are the first police force to offer an enhanced level of policing to local tradespeople,  in return for cash.

Apparently, they have offered a 2-man team to patrol 20 businesses in the town of Royston for a three month trial.  

I can see the adverts now.

Want that extra care at the dead of night ? Worried about drunks smashing your shop windows - just ring this freephone number and ask for our copper-bottomed service !!

So, Royston has broken new ground.

Or have they ?? 

Bobbies began policing the Norfolk Broads in 1820, but stopped in the 1980s because of funding shortfalls. 

About ten years ago, Broadsbeat was started, funded by local businesses, who paid for two full-time officers, a fast response boat and a 4x4 vehicle during the summer months.

Broadsbeat this year is sponsored by Hoseasons, A.R. Peachment, Royal and Sons Ltd, Norfolk Broads Authority, Roys of Wroxham Ltd, Norfolk Yacht Agency, Navigation and General Insurance, Broadland Owners Association and Blakes Holidays.

How long before British Waterways catch on and start adding an additional security charge to improve boat security, keep motorcross riders from racing along the towpath and prevent yobs from terrorising infamous inner city locks ??

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