Saturday, 4 July 2009

Green Shield Stamps With That ?

So much is written about red diesel and how British inland waterway boaters are"hard done by", I thought you might appreciate this.

This is a leisure boat fuelling station at a marina in Croatia.

Croatia is not a member of the EU and they don't have red diesel available for leisure boaters.

They sell only road diesel here and the price is the same as it is in the auto service stations in the town - around 70p/litre.

Now I appreciate that their fuel is cheaper than ours, which is now over a £1 a litre for road diesel, but they get no concessions for the fact that the fuel is going into a boat or is being used to provide heating or power generation in a marine application.

By the way, their fuel might say Euro diesel, but its exhaust gases smell very rough indeed.

There seems to be a lot of differences in fuel quality around Europe - apparently, the fuel is both cheaper and better quality up the coast in Slovenia !!!

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