Sunday, 12 July 2009

Mousey Housey

Its been a very strange weekend.

As I mentioned in an earlier bloggette, the boat is sitting on its bum in a drydock, smelling of paint.

We have moved back to our house temporarily and naturally, have brought the two cats back with us.

Now, I've talked about Moo quite extensively in the past, but her brother, called Blue (or Boo) is as much a character, albeit in a different way.

For some reason, our garden always attracts a lot of wildlife.

Possibly because our grown up kids don't go out there and we are never home, so they get left alone in the Jungle.

Last night, we were watching TV late and there was a noise at the patio door.

It was obviously one of the cats wanting to come in, so the First Mate opened the door a foot without taking too much notice.

In comes Blue, complete with small brown mouse in mouth.

"He's got a mouse" she says, rhetorically, so suddenly there is a lot of noise and movement.

Blue, who is the archetypal cowardly lion, panics and drops the mouse on the carpet.

Now, it must be said that Blue is a lover not a fighter and never kills anything.

So, said mouse is very much alive and starts charging arround the room at great speed.

What follows, would be prefectly acceptable in a 1920's silent slapstick comedy.

People jumping on and off chairs, heads trying to follow a brown streak of lightning chasing round the skirtling boards, the sweeping of a broom Tom and Jerry style (Thomasssss !!)

When told to finish what he has started, Blue just decides he wants petting and then its very late, so it must be time for bed, Zebedee - boinnnng.

To cut a long story short, we hunted everywhere, saw it a few times, but couldn't catch it.

Last night, we went to bed with a lodger.

This morning, the unwanted visitor has been in the kitchen helping himself to the cats food (how ironic is that) and as I write, we have him cornered in the lounge, trying to drive him back out into the garden without hurting him. We have towels stuffed under the doors to restrict his movement.

Blue is nowhere to be seen.


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