Saturday, 18 July 2009

Fed Up Staring at The Wall

Its a land-locked weekend !!  boo-hiss.

Willawaw is still in drydock.

We finally got our own way and the dock was flooded yesterday, so that Willawaw could be re-floated and moved along a foot or two.

The dock was then pumped out again and she settled back on the trestles.

Now, she has four rust-coloured transverse stripes across her bottomplate, where the trestles previously made contact with the hull and the blacking couldn't be applied.

These gaps should be closed on Monday and she should be floated out by the middle of the week.

The boat is looking good.

She has a pristine hull once again, is fitted with all new, black polypropylene fenders and is annointed with a newly painted non-slip roof.

Unfortunately, I am off on my travels again on Monday, so the first mate is in charge of docking detail.

Willawaw should be afloat on the lay-by berth, by the time I get home.

We then have to get cracking on servicing the Beta engine and the Mitsubishi prime mover on the generator.

To overcome our canal withdrawal symptoms, we picked up this wrought iron canal scene, which we now have hanging in our office at the house.

The only trouble with having limited space on a narrowboat is that you can't have much in the way of art around you. Well, you can, but you have to be very selective and pick the best, smaller items !!  


  1. Where did you get that picture? My father is a canal enthusiast and I'd love to get him something like that

  2. The First Mate bought it in an arty shop in Chelmsford - nothing to do with canals at all.


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