Thursday, 21 May 2009

Blue on Blue

My friends boat had been lifted out of the water for ten days, while it had its bottom cleaned and self-polishing anti-fouling added.

No drydocks or nasty blacking in the Med - they simply lift a nearly 60ft sailing yacht out of the water on a wheeled gantry, place it on the tarmac of the marina and get on with it.

Anyway, she went back into the water today (at 0800 this morning to be precise, as it's too hot to work on her later in the day).

I asked if they winterised the boat.
Wry smiles from all concerned - no they said, we don't really get winter.

She got plonked in the water, the engine started first time and they motored her to her berth.
Bit of varnish and she's ready for a sail to Turkey.

Men in this part of the world are men, or should that be Men.

Its all chest hair and medallions here.

I casually mentioned that a friends son must be under a lot of pressure from his family to have children, now that he has been married for a full year - they normally don't hang around in these parts.

Yes, he is, they replied. Mind you, she might be barren, they added.

No mention of any possibility of flaws in the male seed - Jaffa's are unheard of down here.

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