Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Feed Me !!

If you are still en voyage with us or have jumped onboard along the way, THANK YOU or WELCOME ABOARD (delete as applicable).

Would you like to be told when we have said something new ? -

I hate nothing more than searching peoples blogs out, only to find that they haven't said anything for ages.

I could have spent the time wasted finding them, more fruitfully.

The beauty of blogs, generally, is that they embrace a wide variety of people.

Everybody from the computer savvy to the PC Luddite (who thinks wireless is something that you listen to, with a cup of cocoa).

I do not profess to be an expert, far from it.

I at least know that wireless has nothing to do with "Desert Island Discs" - its something without wires isn't it (hence, wireless..)

I digress. Those wonderful technical geeky people have created something called a web feed.

In essence, its something that will automatically tell you when your favourite bloggers say something new, without you having to keep checking on them to see if they're awake.

Can you see this orange symbol on your screen ? - look to the right of these words

On web browsers like Firefox and Opera, it is normally shown on the extreme right of the line where you type your web addresses.

On Internet Explorer 7, it appears next to the little house (Home) on the toolbar.

Any-old-how, if you view this blog and then click the orange icon on the right of the web address (which looks like 25% of an archery target), it will give you options.

It might say RSS or Atom and either of those is fine.

If you choose to subscribe by clicking on "subscribe to this feed" (or similar words depending on the browser of your choice), it will then "feed" you every time that "Revelations" is updated.

The "feed" takes the form of a pop-up or some other form of indication (it varies with different browsers)

I use it a lot on Opera, which offers a pop-up and has a dedicated "feed" drop-down menu on its toolbar.

It doesn't send you junk mail, it doesn't knock your dustbins over and it doesn't threaten you in a dark alley.

It just pops up once a day or so and says "hi, there is some new stuff from Willawaw".

If you have no idea what I've just waffled on about, then I think you probably need to give your mouse some more cheese.  


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