Friday, 1 May 2009

The easyJet Game

Flying with easyJet is always an experience.

They have a sense of humour.

easyJet are a free seating airline. You don't get a seat allocation at check-in. Its much more fun to find your own seat with over a hundred others doing the same thing.

Just to up the ante, they mark your boarding card with a letter, to give you some semblance of organisation.

At Istanbul Airport, you sit in a goldfish bowl waiting for your flight to be called and so, the game begins.

On the command, over a hundred passengers form five queues. They believe they are queueing in letter order according to the letter on the boarding card. Neat idea, but that would be no fun now would it ??

So, add several sulky Turkish ground agents with attitude. They hold signs above their heads that indicate the letter (A, B, SA, SB and so on) and one stands at the head of each queue.

After about 30 seconds, having given the passengers a chance to memorise the letter on the sign, they then spin the signs round so nobody can remember which is which. The passengers can then only see blank signs.

The passengers stand in the queue where the letter matching the one on their boarding card was (or so they think).

Just when everybody is settled in line and looking forward to boarding the aircraft (which was 50 minutes late just to build suspense), the bad-ass girls go down the lines checking that everybody standing in each particular line has the same letter on their boarding card.

As many guessed wrong, they're in the wrong queue, so the girls then move them around.

If you're in the wrong queue, you have to go to the back of the right queue - are you getting the hang of the game ??

My, how we laughed..

I was so carried away with the jape, I told two Australian girls how easyJet like to have one less seat than they have bookings, which means the last person on, has nowhere to sit - a bit like a flying version of musicial chairs. Not true of course, but it's only a game - they were impressed - the POMS know how to party !   


  1. Very good Mark. Sounds like a fun game.
    The Cat

  2. Very good Mark. Sounds like a fun game. Your blog is very entertaining.
    The Cat


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