Saturday, 9 May 2009

Clearly Round The Bend

One of the biggest hazards on the Middle Levels, (apart from Salters Lode that is) is the bend at Whittlesey.

It has other names like the Briggate Bend, but all the local boaters know it for what it is.

Its virtually a 90 degree, blind bend.

Not impossible, but difficult in a boat over 60 foot.

On the way to the Fens, we used the bow thruster (going from right to left in the photo).

However, on the way out, we didn't want to ingest vegetation from the bank, so the first mate fended the bow off with the pole. Anyway, we got round, slowly.

If a boat comes the other way, you're stuffed, but hopefully they would see your bow emerging from under the bridge.

We eventually got on to the River Nene after Stanground and stopped at Peterborough for water.

Peterborough is nice on a sunny day and good for shopping, but not the place you really want to spend the night. Graffiti and strange characters are everywhere.


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