Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Twit, Who ?

People sometimes ask me where the name "Willawaw" comes from.

The official story is that's she's named after a type of katabatic wind.

It's caused by the descent of cold, dense air from the snow and ice fields of coastal mountains in high latitudes.

When I was at sea in the North Pacific, I used to hear Canadian pilots talk about winds that could knock a boat down, but with their accent, it sounded like "Willa", rather than "Willi" - just as well, really !!

To continue the vein of threads, I have more recently discovered that the Willawaw was a creepy character in the Hanna & Barbera childrens TV cartoon, Scooby Doo - quite apt really.

The script says "While making a visit to Velma's Uncle Dave, the kids hear of the Willawaw, a half man/half owl. According to legend if he hoots your name, you'll be the next one he claims"..

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