Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Cat and Mouse

We live on Willawaw for much of the year, with our cats Moo and Boo.

Boo hates cruising (8th May), but Moo doesn't mind, as you can see below.

Our blog has been christened with its own pet black cat - see bottom left of page.

I normally think most blog widgets are a bit gimmicky and a waste of space.

However, I liked this one as its big and bold and keeps me company when I type.

Feel free to tickle its ears with your mouse pointer or make it purr by touching its white spot.

It will even miaouw if you get it just right.

I know - I'm going soft in my dotage - its an overdose of Horlicks.

Seriously though, there is a loose thread that runs through the themes of our little voyage of discovery. Sometimes, its an obvious gold thread on a dark suit and sometimes its a harder-to-see gossamer spiders web on a dewy dawn.

Don't believe me ?  think I'm pulling your leg ?   - check out "Feed Me" 6th May.


Note 15th May: Black cat suddenly started sprouting those pesky Google adverts today , so it was put down.

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