Sunday, 3 May 2009

Will We Wissey ?

This time, we managed to enter the River Wissey - something that we missed, on the way into the Fens last year.

Last summer, we were so eager to get to Cambridge and Bedford, we rushed past many of the small lodes.

We were also worried then about trying to wind at the end of these small waterways, with a 62ft boat.

However, our time on the Fens have given us more confidence.

There is a 48 hour mooring at Hilgay. It has enough room for two narrowboats and there is a toilet block ashore, which could be used to empty a cassette toilet (if you have one - we have a pump-out toilet and had "been" in Ely anyway, so not a lot of use to Willawaw).

Unfortunately, the ideally positioned Rose and Crown pub at Hilgay was closed after 3pm due to unforeseen circumstances (??).

It's only a short walk from the Hilgay mooring - what a shame.

Instead, we cycled to Denver Windmill to get some supplies.

The cafe at the mill do a mean "baked beans on toast" - served with Jamaican hot pepper sauce !!!

We carefully brought back some "Old Rodney" bottled beer (brewed locally, down at the Brandon Brewery) and some Gooseberry Jam for our breakfast.

Distance Run 16.6 Miles

Engine Hours 6.5 Hours

Total Number of Locks 1714

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