Sunday, 3 May 2009

So Long Ely

It felt good to be cruising again.

The high banks of the Ouse tend to block out most of the scenery, but the strong breeze kicked up wavelets, the sun played hide and seek with the clouds and the trees leaned in homage.

The steady engine note induced an almost hypnotic state.

It was sad to say goodbye to Ely, but all good things come to an end.

Life was good there - we enjoyed the ice cream, the ducklings and the sheer touristy "buzz" of the City of the Eels.

Ely Cathedral can be seen for miles around.

The big skies of the Fens and the low horizon mean that the soaring towers of the cathedral gives its grey, gothic appearance, great visual range.

This mother duck (bottom right) had nine ducklings waddling around her at Ely Riverside - as you can see, some are already changing colour from yellow to their darker adult plumage.

Once you leave Ely by river, cruising North, there are no locks for hours.

The River Ouse is pretty featureless and apart from an occasional community, there isn't a lot to see.

Unlike the canals, where you often don't get further than a mile before the next lock, on the Fens, it's possible to leave a lot of miles in your wake.

You really get the feeling that you've covered some distance.

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